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Seph's Old Abandoned Amusement Park

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AWESOME! May. 14th, 2006 @ 10:00 pm
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ZOMG!! Apr. 22nd, 2006 @ 09:00 am
Weee, I've been putting off updating this for quite a while.

First up, here are my part of the photos from Kate and Shinta's fantastic wedding. It was awesome, there was a chocolate fountain! Two very wonderful people tied the knot in front of about 150 others, but the low score of 1/76 didn't dampen anyone's mood. Must try harder next wedding! I wore a suit, I'm told this was somehow remarkable. Now I just need a big cowboy hat and I'm all set.

Oh yeah, you can find my gift to Andrew and Kate here. Many thanks to Mere for her words of encouragement and helping me get this done.

Holy crap! I'm heading to the University of Teesside this autumn for a postgrad degree (BSc Computer Animation & Graphical Technology Applications)! I've been accepted unconditionally for this course, which blows my mind. Didn't they read my application? Teesside is also one of the top places in the country for digital animation related courses, they hold international conventions about it all the time, so I'm super excited about going there. It does mean I'll have to move up to Teesside for a year (the commute would be more than two hours each way, ouch), but it can't be that bad a place, can it?

Can it?

How are all you lovely people?
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I Hope This Reads Okay Because I Couldn't be Bothered to Proofread it all Oct. 12th, 2005 @ 09:50 pm
Kept you waiting, huh?

Recently I've had the desire to play all those video games that are story-driven, and complete them so that I can see how the stories come together. This implies single player adventure games, a genre I didn't used to be all that interested in. I think this has something to do with my love of RPGs and the fact I used to have the time to play those to completion. Adventure games are just like RPG-lite, right? They offer a similar experience, except the RPG takes you deeper into the game's story and allows your characters to mature.

That's how I saw it, I guess. But due to my inability to complete an RPG in two/three years and possibly too the fact that there still hasn't been a decent Final Fantasy game since number 7, I've started to see the appeal of adventure games. Games of this genre provide a story without the need for 40+ hours of gameplay to see it all through. In fact, without the character growth universally present in RPGs and the freedom needed to promote it, the story can be tighter and more intricately arranged.

I felt I should especially take a look at the adventure game franchises I never played when they were big, see what they were about. In particular, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid. I've heard through the grapevine that Silent Hill is a series that must be played in order of release to get the most out of it (with Silent Hill 3 especially relying a lot on the events in Silent Hill 1), but when it proved difficult to find SH1 - no fucker seems to want to sell their copy on (a sure sign it must be really good) - I picked up a second hand copy of Metal Gear Solid 2 instead.

I've finished Metal Gear Solid 2, finally found Silent Hill 1 and since completed that as well. Silent Hill 1 is indeed really, really good. That's all for another time though, since the point of this little tale is to talk about the next and current game on my agenda, Metal Gear Solid 3.

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Anyway I was writing up my thoughts on the anime I've seen over the past few months, but it's turning out to be a lot longer than I expected, so you'll have to wait a little longer for that. The same goes for all the movies I've been watching, but to summarise the three-word review would be something like, "Mostly they sucked".

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I've got a couple of comic strips in progress for movie_mox purposes, one of those I've actually been holding onto for 6 weeks now because I didn't write down the script and can't remember it all any more! Hopefully I'll be able to sort that out soon enough. I also have a couple of pieces of gift art in progress which I really want to get finished soon.

To show how committed I am with getting on with all these important things, here's that movie meme that was going around a few days ago. The casting is inspired, but the title is the true genius in this picture:

Strung in Some Like it Shot
Set on a space station four years from now, strung (Hank Azaria) receives a cryptic text message containing an encrypted algorithm. Meanwhile, psynian (Jet Li) turns to samuelsapien (Jack Black) for help. There is a turn for the worse with the introduction of the Thought Stealer—the natural enemy of intellectual property.
Produced by ianiceboy

Until next time then.
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» Hilarious
Pinched from silversmoke because it must be shared:

For you He-Man fans out there.
» (No Subject)
If it's the same people responsible for the explosions in London yesterday as two weeks ago I will laugh my ass off, because it's plainly obvious they obviously sent their best guys in first.

Actually I'm already finding this pretty damn funny. So what, to celebrate the two-week anniversary of the London bombs, they performed a comedy tribute?

Awesome. We need more terrorists like this.
» I know April Fool's Day is usually a fucking terrible day for everyone, but...
...yesterday was fucking Death Day.

Terri Schiavo died finally, which is a relief and a Good Thing.

The Pope has passed up hospital treatment and was given his last rites yesterday.

Mitch Hedberg died. Seriously, WTF?

My family's dog, Ollie, died of a stroke and/or heart attack last night around 6:30pm, when he was about to be taken for his evening walk. Apparently he was running round like an idiot as usual, then just keeled over... The guy was no older than 8 years and had never had any health problems, bar being blind in one eye since birth. Life just wanted to be a twat with him. I'm really sad for my folks now, their lives revolved around that dog. And my older sister Sally too, who was the most attached to Ollie of any of us.

I'm really glad I went home for Easter now, otherwise it would've been seven-eight weeks since I last saw him. So unexpected, at least our previous dogs got really ill or old before they died. Ollie was energetic 'til the very end.

Just got a call from Sally, she's in a bit of a state. She's worried about my parents like I am. The timing's really horrible as Mum is going off to Beer in Devon this weekend for a reunion, and Dad had time booked off work to do some DIY... He's gonna go to work anyway now, and I wouldn't blame him. Ollie was a part of Mum & Dad's lives longer than the house they're living in, it's gotta feel such an empty place right now.

Adding another name to the list... Hideaki Sekiguchi (aka Billy aka Bass Wolf) of the band Guitar Wolf died of a heart attack yesterday. Holy crap!
» Haiku!
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:strung
Your haiku:ring ring ring ring ring
ring ring ring ring ring ring i
saw a film called
Created by Grahame

Hehe, it suits me :)

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» Month Old News!
This is interesting. For the first time ever, a Tokyo court has ruled that a manga is obscene. The manga, called Honey Room, has landed its author a one-year prison sentence (suspended for three years) on the grounds of "sale and distribution of obscene literature".

Quite an accomplishment, really!
» 40 Movies Update
movie_mox updated very late tonight, so I'm off to bed now. G'night.
» 40 Movies Update
Shall I plug every update at movie_mox? Probably not, but I really think you'll like this one.

Go now! :D
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